Arnout Andrews

Managing Director

Speaking at: London Roadshow - Islington - 6 December 2013

Arnout is a specialist in domestic energy, with extensive experience of the social housing sector. Currently he is the Managing Director of Adecoe, a company that supports HA’s, LA’s (and other organisations) in the development and delivery of energy projects. Arnout has worked on a wide range of energy projects, for a wide range of housing organisations. He has c.18 years of experience in domestic energy. This includes 13 years in energy consultancy, 4 years in the insulation industry and working at National Energy Action (fuel poverty charity). He has an impressive client list including sector leaders like Places for People, Gentoo, Guinness and Radian. He has supported small HA’s up to the largest. He has worked for &/or with Govt departments, agencies and associations (DECC, dCLG, Housing Corp’, HCA, EST, Carbon Trust, Technology Strategy Board, Nat Fed, Efficiency East Midlands etc). Recently Arnout has undertaken extensive work on GD & ECO with major LA’s, ALMO’s and RSL’s (Nottingham City Council, Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council, Bath & North East Somerset. Guinness, Nottingham City Homes, Metropolitan). Arnout has worked on ‘energy’ projects covering core measures (like boilers and CWI), renewables, experimental technologies, RTD’s & behaviour. He has worked at the policy level and ‘on-site’. He has helped organisations access £millions in funding. He understands domestic energy, he understands housing – and knows how to make things happen!

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