Andrew Raingold

Executive Director
Aldersgate Group

Speaking at: London Roadshow - Islington - 6 December 2013

Andrew was appointed Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group in December 2010 and has played a pivotal role within the organisation since he joined as the first employee over five years ago. In that time, he has built the Aldersgate Group, an alliance of leaders from business, politics and society, into one of the most influential and progressive voices in the environmental policy debate.

In his role as Executive Director, Andrew is responsible for providing the strategic direction for the Aldersgate Group, the development of its work programme, building relationships with senior political and business stakeholders, and representing member views robustly to government ministers. He has played a key role in broadening its impact and membership and bringing its influence to bear on core areas of interest. He is also the lead author of a number of AG publications and is a regular commentator on sustainability issues (with a regular blog for Guardian Sustainable Business).

Andrew has served on a number of government advisory groups and is currently chairing a task force on skills for the Green Economy Council. He is a Special Advisor to the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee and Director of CORE, the Corporate Responsibility Organisation.

Prior to joining the AG, Andrew was the Environment Manager at the Training and Development Agency, where he drafted and implemented a Sustainable Development Action Plan. He has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business at Cambridge University and graduated at Edinburgh University with a Masters in Political Science.

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