Mike Potter

Community representative
York and North Yorkshire Green Neighbourhood Challenge

Speaking at: Yorkshire Roadshow - Sheffield - 12 November 2013

Born 1958 in Oldham Lancs, but lived in Yorks most of his life, which fostered a life-long interest in not being cold and wet, but being thrifty in the process.  Married with 3 lovely eligible daughters. Worked in maritime and other radio comms until heartlessly and gleefully cast aside from the Civil Service in 2011 with early retirement. DIY and exercise junkie who cycles everywhere and spent many years renovating a semi-derelict hovel at High Mill Pickering into a well insulated home and self-catering business. Chairman of Pickering Civic Society, leader of the winning N. Yorkshire Green Neighbourhood Challenge team, flood activist and general troublemaker and busybody.  Interested in discovering spare time.

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