Ian Meikle

Head of Low Impact Buildings Programme
Technology Strategy Board

Speaking at: East England Roadshow - Cambridge - 22 October 2013

Ian works for the Technology Strategy Board, supporting UK companies innovate.  He runs the Low Impact Buildings innovation platform overseeing investments of £80m to UK companies over the past five years.  He has recently secured a further £60m funding to 2019.  This is expected to attract an extra £30m from other government departments and research councils.  
He encourages innovations in digital design and engineering, high performance materials and components, energy ecosystems, and energy management and diagnostics tools.  The funding will help the sector to reduce construction times, improve quality and make buildings more carbon efficient.
Programmes to date include: Retrofit for the Future – retrofitting over 100 homes to between 50- 80% carbon reductions; AIMC4 – affordable mass market Code Level 4 solutions without renewables; Design for Future Climate – climate change adaptation strategies; Building Performance Evaluation – addressing the gap between designed and actual performance; Invest in Innovative Refurb – the development of low-energy products, with high roll-out potential for the Green Deal; and Rethinking the Build Process – step-change productivity improvements to reduce cost and improve quality of low impact buildings.
Prior to Technology Strategy Board Ian was: Principal Consultant at Inbuilt, a sustainability consultancy; Commercial manager at BRE; Operations Director at Freeform Arts Trust, a 40-person urban regeneration and recycling charity; and Vice President Programme and Supplier Management at Morgan Stanley.    Ian has an MSc in Renewable Energy from the University of Reading.  

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