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The National Energy Foundation is an independent charity, based at Milton Keynes carrying out work throughout  the UK. We undertake this through the following activities:

Undertaking Projects, where it adds value in collaboration with other organisations
Providing Capacity Building Programmes and infrastructure support, especially in the areas of Energy Certification and Standards
Offering Information and Advice

Under our Services section we summarise some of the key areas of work NEF undertakes for our customers in the private, public and civil sectors.
We also recognise that many of the best solutions to reducing carbon emissions can be achieved by working with other bodies to provide integrated solutions, using energy efficiency and renewables, supported by education and information campaigns. Among the activities that the Foundation is carrying out in this field are:

Through our subsidiary company, Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings (EEPB), supporting an impartial membership organisation which facilitates closer working between business, government and community organisations on all aspects of energy efficiency in buildings;
Working with Communities, helping set up resident engagement schemes and improving the energy performance of community buildings;
SuperHomes, in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Academy, designed to demonstrate how to transform the energy efficiency of the existing housing stock by 60%, including working in solid-walled homes;
Participation in the cRRescendo project, which will lead to several hundred ultra-low energy homes in Milton Keynes;
Participation in WINforRES, a pan-European platform providing advice for consumers wishing to install building-integrated renewable energy systems.


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