Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings (EEPB)

Eeepbnergy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings (EEPB)

Exhibiting at Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Cardiff and London.

The Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings (EEPB) is an impartial membership organisation that facilitates closer working between business, government and community organisations on all aspects of energy efficiency in buildings.

Formerly the well regarded Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes, this new and reinvigorated Partnership has a broader scope covering domestic and non-domestic buildings.

We run a ‘hub’ for existing buildings, and a neutral platform for dialogue with government about the practical, sensible implementation of energy efficiency policy in the UK.

As a member of the EEPB, you can participate in relevant working groups on areas of energy efficiency policy and research, including:

· Green Deal and ECO development and implementation

· SME involvement in Green Deal and ECO

· Fuel poverty

· Implementation of the UK Microgeneration Strategy

· Energy efficiency in the private rented sector and social housing

· Insulation markets

· Energy efficient heating

· … and much more

The EEPB is a not-for-profit organisation and a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Energy Foundation, linking it with one of the longest established bodies of energy efficiency expertise in the UK.


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