Constructing Excellence in Wales

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Exhibiting at Cardiff

At Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW) we promote excellence in the built environment through collaborative working.  CEW is essentially a Welsh Government policy delivery vehicle whose role is to help the industry to improve its performance to deliver better quality and value for money to its clients and end users. It champions collaboration and best practices across the industry and encourages individuals and organisations to share their experiences, knowledge and information with the wider industry.

Our goal is to improve construction process in Wales by ensuring that the principles of rethinking construction outlined in reports produced by John Egan  and Michael Latham become mainstream industry practice.

We are an independent organisation funded by the Welsh Government.
We work with and support a wide range of organisations to improve their performance through collaboration. These include Welsh Government, local Government, Health Authorities, developers, consultants, construction contractors and suppliers and range from large organisations to SMEs. Much of our work involves linking the work of these organisations to produce focused, lean and efficient process based on proven best practices, to improve the delivery, value and sustainability of construction and infrastructure projects.

As well as improving business process through sharing best practices we also deliver the Welsh Government Construction Waste Minimisation Programme and Low Zero Carbon Hub.



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