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Exhibiting at Birmingham, Newcastle and Cardiff

Ceramic Fuel Cells is a world leader in commercialising Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology to generate efficient, low-emission electricity from widely available natural gas and renewable fuels.

We develop, manufacture, and market SOFC products for small-scale, micro-Combined Heat & Power (micro-CHP) and distributed generation applications that co-generate electricity and heat for homes and businesses.

Our SOFC technology has the world's highest electrical efficiency from a small-scale generator (up to 60%) and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than two-thirds compared to coal fired electricity generation.

We are a global leader in commercialising this technology, delivering our BlueGen® product to the market successfully, with significant orders in Europe and considerable interest in other key markets. We also have sales offices in Australia, Europe, and the UK

Our operating base is broadly international, with extensive R&D, testing and manufacturing facilities in Australia, a high-volume fuel cell assembly plant in Germany, and a ceramic powder production facility in the UK. Our intellectual property is protected with 27 patent ‘families' - each family representing one innovation, with patents in multiple markets.

Ceramic Fuel Cells is listed on both the London Stock Exchange AIM market (floated March 2006), and on the Australian Stock Exchange (floated July 2004). The company's code on both exchanges is CFU.

Website: www.cfcl.com.au/


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