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The  Power Assessment and Training Centre at Carshalton College is looking forward to collaborating with Parity Projects by offering to deliver a training trial for students between July 18th to 22nd.

This follows Parity Projects ground breaking launch of the new qualification ‘Understanding Sustainable Refurbishment’, a Level 2 award due in September. 

This exciting development will enable the Centre’s own tutors Alan Harris and Les Parsons to obtain cutting edge knowledge on all aspects of the new retrofit market based on the sustainable refurbishment market and provide opportunities for Managing contractors, Building designers, renovation specialists and specialist ‘energy’ trades to obtain first hand experience and skills needed for the work needed in this rapidly evolving field.  In attending the trial, professionals will be best positioned to gain an upper hand on competitors in understanding new techniques in increasing access to new markets.

Despite the impact of public sector spending reductions, the Power Assessment and Training Centre continues to work hard to ensure to meet demands for more training in areas such as Electrical, Plumbing, Gas and Renewable Energy.

The centre is the result of a ground breaking collaboration in the sector between Kingston and Carshalton College with dedicated state-of-the-art training and assessment facilities in both locations with the centre now perceived as the leaders in delivering training within the building services industry.

All courses are tailored to the needs of adult learners with scheduling at regular and convenient times to suit the specific requirements of employers in the Building Services Engineering sector. Fully accredited, industry recognised qualifications are delivered by specialist trainers and assessors with over 40 years’ experience and knowledge in the sector.


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