Exhibiting at Newcastle and Cardiff.

BASF companies supply raw materials to most industries in the UK and Ireland. Sales to customers in the UK and Ireland in 2011 totalled about £2.8 billion.

BASF Group companies employ nearly 2000 people in the UK and Ireland. We manufacture construction chemicals; omega-3 fatty acids; polyurethane systems; industrial coatings; pigments; products used to enhance industrial processing in various industries such as papermaking, mining, oil extraction, wastewater treatment and textile processing; and ingredients that are used in home and personal care products such as thickening agents.

BASF will be exhibiting WALLTITE® a foam system for internal roofs, floors and walls which can either be spray applied or injected into cavity walls by BASF trained and approved installers. 

WALLTITE® is a seamless form of insulation that provides an ideal solution for Hard to Treat areas. 


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